Lori Leven founded New York Adorned in 1996 with a dream to build a tattoo art scene that mirrored NYC’s thriving art world. At that time in the city tattooing was just about “marking one’s body” and Lori knew New York could instead support the artistry and craft she’d seen from the tattoo world’s biggest talents on her travels around the world. Since tattooing was still a violation in the city’s five boroughs, she needed to consider a legal ‘front’ for the shop, so they could provide tattoos and piercings in the back. An avid jewelry collector herself, she began to sell jewelry as her cover, slowly gathering up an eclectic mix of different designers whose work she believed in.

After 14 years of combined success in both the tattooing and jewelry businesses, in 2010, Leven founded Love Adorned as a stand alone sister shop. Finding a space just a few blocks over, at the corner of Elizabeth Street and Houston, she expanded the jewelry business, and also incorporated her interests in art, design, and world travel. Love Adorned has since become a touchstone for stylists and creatives, all of them coming to visit the ever changing assortment of jewelry, homewares, and vintage objects. Though the curation is ever evolving, one constant remains the same: Lori’s belief in each one.

In 2018, after more than two decades in the tattoo world, Leven decided her current interests lied more in the world of jewelry and lifestyle. She moved the piercing and body jewelry portion of NYA into the flagship Love Adorned on Elizabeth Street, creating the beautiful synergy between the two businesses thriving today.